Japanese engine joins the marine LNG market

08 Apr 2014
Kawasaki has obtained DNV approval for its L30KG gas engine

Kawasaki has obtained DNV approval for its L30KG gas engine

Kawasaki Heavy Industries says that its L30KG engine has become the first Japanese-designed gas engine to obtain type approval from DNV.

The L30KG is intended as a main propulsion engine for ships fuelled solely by gas. It has a bore of 300mm, stroke of 480mm, and is available in 5,6,7,8 or 9 cylinder inline configurations. Power ratings range from 2,225kW for the five cylinder engine to 4,005kW for the nine-cylinder version, all ratings at 750rpm.

KHI says that it has started marketing activities for the engine, and is in the process of obtaining type approval for the associated control system.

The engine is based on a Kawasaki gas engine developed for the distributed power generation market, which the company says boasts a highest-ever electrical efficiency of 49.0% and NOx emissions below 200 ppm(at 0% O2).

The L30KG has been adapted to allow for marine applications, addressing needs such as load fluctuation. It is designed to support two types of propulsion systems: either a directly-coupled mechanical drive, or a gas-electric propulsion system. The tests and approval were carried out on a 2.7MW six-cylinder engine at KHI’s Kobe Works.

The gas engine is said to be able to reduce emissions to far below Tier III levels with no need for SCR or other NOx-reduction technology. Additionally it offers significant reductions in CO2 and SOx emissions compared to diesel engines.

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