LNG for ships by 2015 at the latest, says Gothenburg

19 Jul 2013
The Port of Gothenburg aims to have LNG fuel available by 2015

The Port of Gothenburg aims to have LNG fuel available by 2015

The Port of Gothenburg in Sweden says that it expects to have LNG fuel available for shipping by 2015 at the latest.

Although no formal decision has yet been made, the port authority is confident that the collaboration between private infrastructure companies, the Port of Gothenburg and the Port of Rotterdam will be able to achieve this goal.

Announcing that the project will receive SEK 305 million in funding from the EU, Port of Gothenburg CEO Magnus Kårestedt said: "EU support is a clear indication of how important shipping is for sustainable transport throughout Europe"

He added that there are strong indications that the investment in LNG terminals in Rotterdam and Gothenburg will gain a high priority in the EU Commission's ‘Motorways of the Seas’ projects.

Dutch company Vopak and Swedish gas infrastructure company Swedegas are both investing in the LNG terminal in Gothenburg, to supply gas to both shipping and industry. The collaboration with the Port of Rotterdam, Vopak and the gas infrastructure companies Gasunie and Swedegas will involve constructing the necessary LNG infrastructure at the GATE LNG terminal in Rotterdam. This will enable supply to the LNG terminal in Gothenburg. Other key areas of the cooperation include producing regulations for handling LNG and developing knowledge of LNG as a marine fuel.

"A major benefit of this collaboration is that we can work together and send a very clear signal to the market that LNG will be available at the largest port in Europe and the largest port in the Nordic region. The shipping companies need to be assured of this before investing in new LNG-powered vessels," said Lars Gustafsson, president of Swedegas.

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