Shell reduces emissions with LNG OSV

06 Mar 2015
'Harvey Gulf' is the first vessel of its kind in the Gulf of Mexico

'Harvey Gulf' is the first vessel of its kind in the Gulf of Mexico

Shell is working to comply with new regulations in the Northern American Emission Control Area (ECA) with an LNG offshore supply vessels – the first of its kind in the Gulf of Mexico.

The 92m vessel, which is chartered from Harvey Gulf International Marine, operates on three dual-fuel Wärtsilä engines and will run on 99% LNG fuel.  

“We understand the environmental regulatory issues facing our customers and this new build program’s focus has been to work closely with them to address and mitigate these issues,” said Shane Guidry, CEO and chairman, Harvey Gulf.

“I’m pleased to see this first-of-its-kind vessel operating in North America. Shell continues to look in to the commercial opportunity of supplying LNG fuel to customers in the region – both marine and road transport customers,” added Christian Buelow, general manager, Downstream LNG Americas.

Harvey Energy has the ability to operate for around seven days before refuelling. It will refuel from Harvey Gulf’s new LNG bunkering facility at its Port Fourchon terminal in Louisiana, USA.  From there it will go to Shell’s platforms, such as the new Olympus production platform, bringing equipment and drilling fluids.

Two more LNG-fuelled vessels are expected to follow.

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