Tognum announces new board following Rolls-Royce/Daimler acquisition

27 Oct 2011

The takeover of MTU parent Tognum by Rolls-Royce and Daimler is now complete, following the appointment to the Tognum supervisory board of four new members from the shareholding companies.

The shareholder representatives are now from majority shareholders Rolls-Royce and Daimler, which together hold 98.8% of Tognum’s capital through Engine Holding GmbH. They are, from Rolls-Royce, John Paterson, president marine and industrial power systems, Andrew Heath, president energy, and Dr Michael Haidinger, president Rolls-Royce Deutschland and president civil small and medium engines, plus Stefan Buchner, head of global powertrain, procurement and manufacturing engineering from Daimler Trucks.

Chairman of the new board is Andreas Renschler, who is head of Daimler Trucks and has been a Tognum board member since 2008. Previous Tognum supervisory board members Rolf Eckrodt, Sune Karlsson, Dr. Cletus von Pichler and Axel Arendt have all stepped down.

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