White paper on bilge water non-compliance

27 Apr 2017
The PureBilge BlueBox system

The PureBilge BlueBox system

A new white paper from Alfa Laval addresses ship owner concerns to ensure vessel compliance with global bilge water regulations.

Even if a traditional system with type approval is operating on board, the paper states, there are still risks of violating applicable laws and damaging the marine environment.

“We know that ship owners and operators want to comply with bilge water regulations,” said Niclas Dahl, vice president, Marine Separation & Heat Transfer Business Unit, Alfa Laval.

“We also know that there are problems associated with conventional systems even if they are type approved and we want to make to ship owners aware that.”

The white paper calls for a marine industry review of the current bilge water regulatory environment and the need to evaluate test protocols that do not reflect actual operating conditions.

One protocol, for instance, only requires the test to take place for 2.5 hours and the use of a fluid mixture that contains fresh water, oil and only one chemical at stable land facility.

During actual operating conditions however, bilge water is treated continuously and often contains a more complex chemical mixture with emulsions.

Violation of bilge water regulations leads to stiff fines and/or imprisonment for those found guilty of inadvertent or deliberate misconduct. The consequences on the crew and their livelihoods, on ship owner reputations, and on the world’s marine ecosystems are grave.

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