Gibdock con-ro repair job

26 Jul 2017
'MN Tangara' was docked at Gibdock for a tight turnaround programme of works

'MN Tangara' was docked at Gibdock for a tight turnaround programme of works

Gibdock, the Gibraltar-based shiprepair facility, has carried out an extensive package of work on a 12,049dwt, 160m con-ro container ship to a very tight time scale.

Owned by Compagnie Maritime Nantaise (CMN), the 2013-built, French flagged MN Tangara was docked at Gibdock for a 12-day programme of works, with no scope for delay in redelivery.

Filip Tsankov, ship repair manager, said: “CMN told us the date for departure was crucial, as there was no spare time in the ship’s schedule. We were able to finish a significant quantity of work, carrying out multiple tasks in parallel with each other, to ensure that MN Tangara left Gibraltar exactly on time and to the client’s satisfaction.”

During its time in Gibdock, the vessel  required an extensive amount of painting, extending over most areas of the vessel, including the hull, superstructure, funnel, crane and free-fall davits. In total, a surface area of 12,300m2 was painted by Gibdock’s repair teams over an 11-day period.

Propulsion works were performed simultaneously with hull painting whereby the 18 electric motor rotors were overhauled and rebalanced while the vessel was in dock.

The scope of work further included the renewal of stern tube seals by in-situ bonding, the overhaul of sea and overboard valves, repairs to piping and system valves, the renewal of pipe insulation materials and safety valve testing.

In addition, Gibdock’s experienced shiprepair team overhauled most of the car deck ventilation fans, cleaned and inspected four electrical generators and undertook various electrical repairs.

This was the first time that MN Tangara had visited the yard and only the second occasion that CMN had used Gibdock’s drydock services.

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