MPR certified for in-situ propeller repair

10 Feb 2015
MPR is the only company certified to carry out vertical in-situ propeller repairs

MPR is the only company certified to carry out vertical in-situ propeller repairs

Netherlands-based Maritime Propeller Repairs (MPR) is now DNV GL-certified to carry out in-situ welding for propeller repair, making it the only company certified to do so.

This follows the company’s investment in recent years in special welding equipment and time spent carrying out analyses and tests on vertical in-situ welding in order to obtain results that comply with the requirements set by DNV GL.

“We invested a lot of time and resources in this study, because we believed in the ultimate objective, which would be of great benefit to our customers when they have damaged propeller or blades,” said Gert Hendriksen, managing director, MPR.

While most repairs on propeller blades require the removal of the propeller from the shaft, MPR’s new technique means welding operations can be carried out without removing the propeller. The company says this makes repair activities more time-efficient and cost-effective, and, ultimately, competitive.

In-situ welding repairs require more detailed investigations than those carried out in a workshop, using normal ultrasonic investigation methods. However, DNV GL’s regulations require particular ultrasonic investigation and examination of the propeller material. So, MPR, together with a specialist partner, developed its technique for the use of microstructural characterisation of nickel-aluminium bronze (NAB) alloys, which are widely used in the manufacturing of propeller blades.

“By developing this innovative method and earning the certified approval, we can now offer the complete service package when ultrasonic investigation is required by Class,” Mr Hendriksen added.

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