OSK ShipTech employs 3D scanning

The scanner can complete scans while the vessel is still in operation Photo: OSK-ShipTech The scanner can complete scans while the vessel is still in operation Photo: OSK-ShipTech
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Danish naval architect, OSK-ShipTech, has introduced 3D laser scanning as a to minimise risk and maximise precision in a market where owners are looking for the fastest and most accurate retrofit and conversion solutions.

OSK-ShipTech’s new 3D laser scanner has a scanning range of 150m and 1mm accuracy and can complete scans while the vessel is still in operation.

“We know that owners are constantly looking to reduce all possible margins, be it risk, time or error. With our 3D laser scanner, we can offer a unique new service, where we are able to scan the inside of a hull for example, while the vessel is still in operation,” said Anders Ørgård, chief commercial officer,  OSK-ShipTech.

The scanner is already generating quite a bit of interest from owners.

Mr Ørgård explained that the scanner has already been used in bulb optimisation projects on RoPax-vessels. During one project, the inside of the hull and several front sections of the active vessel were scanned providing the yard with accurate production drawings, drastically reducing the yard’s schedule and risk of errors.

Next up is a 3D-scan of a vessel in China for a Danish ship owner in early February.

OSK-ShipTech is also pairing the 3D scanning-technology with virtual reality.

Mr Ørgård continued: “With the scanning and virtual reality technology we can quickly help owners visualise and understand the proposed interiors and layouts when they move around inside the simulated designs. This can be done before the vessel is even put into production or conversions have begun – saving owners millions on costly design mistakes.”

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