Service centre warns of non-genuine turbo parts

Commercial directors Gary Rodgers of Napier and Sarah Wade of Royston sign the service centre agreement Commercial directors Gary Rodgers of Napier and Sarah Wade of Royston sign the service centre agreement

Diesel engineering specialist Royston has been appointed as the UK Service Centre for Napier Turbochargers.

The appointment means that Napier customers can use Royston to support their turbochargers and benefit from the same quality of parts and service as provided by the Napier Turbochargers factory.

“This can be particularly important for turbochargers as serious problems can arise from using non-genuine turbocharger parts,” said Lawrence Brown, managing director of Royston. “Turbochargers use components that rotate at extremely high speeds and this naturally demands precision engineering of the highest quality. Although this may be available with some non-genuine parts the metallurgy of the component is equally important as it will have to withstand high temperatures that can affect its molecular structure. As the component becomes hotter the high speed rotation will cause it to change shape and size and this will affect its performance. This is particularly important for the compressor wheel as its performance is affected by numerous parameters and is the subject of many hours of design analysis and testing by Napier engineers before it can be certified. This is not possible for producers of non-genuine parts and even if the component does not fail physically it can still prove expensive for the user. Higher fuel consumption and increased service costs due to a shorter component life will result and the cheaper component will not have saved the user any money at all.”

Royston says it has enjoyed a close working relationship with Napier Turbochargers for over 15 years during which it has supported the company’s products regardless of age. The Service Centre Agreement puts this relationship on an official footing and gives customers the option of using an alternative approved service provider whose work will maintain their certifications.

“The problem for the ship owner has been that in the UK the Napier factory has been the only officially guaranteed provider of Napier servicing standards,” said Gary Rodgers, commercial director of Napier. “This can make the customer vulnerable to using service companies that may be cheaper because they fit components that lack any quality guarantee. This has now changed as Royston can provide support that matches that which is available from our Lincoln factory. In fact, in some ways it is better as Royston can support any turbocharger we have ever made and holds a substantial stock of genuine parts that the customer can rely upon.”

In over 60 years, Napier has produced over 50,000 turbochargers for engines running on fuels ranging from marine diesel oil and natural gas to varying qualities of HFO and landfill gas. Royston is now one of 27 independent authorised Napier Turbocharger service centres and the only one in the UK. Royston was founded over 30 years ago and in addition to its engine maintenance and repair services, the company also designs and manufactures enginei, a fuel and engine monitoring system.

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