B.Delta designs in demand

11 Mar 2015

Deltamarin is to deliver more of its newest handysize bulk carriers from the B.Delta43 series, following the successful delivery of the first vessel in the series back in January.

Built at China’s Qingshan Shipyard as part of a €1m contract with Deltamarin, the B.Delta43 is an elongated version of the B.Delta37. It’s said to offer improved manoeuvrability compared to standard class bulk carriers, as well as low vibration levels due to the optimised propulsion arrangements.

The first B.Delta43 vessel, M/V Venture Goal, was delivered to German shipowner, Hamburg Bulk Carriers (HBC), which praised Deltamarin for the vessel’s performance during sea trials. The 43,000 tonne bulk carrier has a LOA 189.99m and a cargo carrying capacity of 54,000m³. The calculated EEDI is more than 20% below the required limit, meaning it already fulfils the requirements that will enter into force in 2020.

Deltamarin’s latest order comes from Phoenix Shipping and Trading. The four vessels, which will be built at China’s Qingshan Shipyard, are sister vessels of the 10 B.Delta vessels previously with the same dimensions, cargo capacities and fuel performance.

Deltamarin’s B.Delta series comprises a design family with capacities ranging from 25,000 tonnes to 210,000 tonnes, covering both standardised industry sizes, including handy, handymax, ultramax, kamsarmax and newcastlemax, and cargo-volume sized ships for ‘niche’ markets.

Due to the flexibility of the design, Deltamarin says the ships can be tailor-fitted for various cargo types, ice-class notations, Laker versions, self-unloaders and other specialised trades.

The current order book of the B.Delta series includes more than 110 ships, mostly the B.Delta37/43 types, but also on self-unloader and Laker ships. B.Delta derivatives, such as chemical tankers, are also under construction in China.

Deltamarin’s contract with Qingshan shipyard covers consultancy, design and engineering services.

Delivery of the vessels is planned to start in the first half of 2016.

More details to follow.  

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