Fincantieri dry docks work

07 Apr 2016

Dry dock work has started on the fourth of six cruise ships by Fincantieri for Viking Ocean Cruises.

At the shipyard in Ancona, the keel has already been laid Viking Sun, which is the fourth unit being built for the Norwegian cruise operator.

The first building block of the ship, about 11m long, 28.8 wide and weighing about 280 tonnes, is part of the central section of Viking Sun, due for delivery in 2017.

Viking Sun, in similar fashion to its sister ships, will be placed in the small cruise ship segment. With a gross tonnage of about 47,800 tonnes, it will have 465 cabins with accommodation for 930 passengers, with a total capacity of over 1,400 people, including the crew.

The ship has been designed by experienced naval architects and engineers, including an interior design team of London-based SMC Design and Los Angeles-based Rottet Studios.

Viking Sun will be built according to the latest navigation regulations and equipped with the most modern safety systems, including the safe return to port function. Furthermore, it will feature the most advanced technologies for reducing the environmental impact and for energy saving.

The first of the series, Viking Star, has been built from the shipyard in Marghera and was delivered in spring 2015, the second, Viking Sea, sailed from the shipyard in Ancona just a few weeks ago and the third unit Viking Sky has just been launched and will set sail in February 2017.

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