Meyer Turku installs tallest Nordic crane

12 Nov 2017

Finnish shipyard Meyer Turku has installed the 2,500-tonne main beam of its new 120m high Goliath crane supplied by Kone Cranes.

The crane, said to be the tallest such plant in the Nordic countries, is the most visible part of the shipbuilder’s €185 million investment programme. The company said it also marks an essential step in plans to ramp up production capacity.

Tapani Pulli, deputy to the CEO, Meyer Turku, explained: “With a stable order book reaching to 2024 and with increasingly large cruise ships to build, we really need to shorten our lead time. The new crane is also a visible sign of the rebuilding of Turku shipyard into a modern ship assembly factory.”

In other news, Meyer Turku has reported that it will have recruited around 300 employees across all levels of skill and seniority in 2017. The company said it expected recruitment to follow a similar pattern next year.

“We need all kinds of expertise, not just shipbuilding engineers,” said Pulli. “We are also urging and inviting our supplier companies to grow with us. This is very much a common effort for the whole maritime industry of Finland.”