Mitsubishi reorganises at Nagasaki

04 Feb 2015
MHI is seeking greater specialism and efficiency at its Nagasaki yard

MHI is seeking greater specialism and efficiency at its Nagasaki yard

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries is to increase its focus on commercial vessels at its Nagasaki Shipyard & Machinery Works Koyagi Plant, establishing two new companies for ship construction and the manufacture of hull blocks.

The two new companies will take on MHI’s construction business for large commercial ships at Nagasaki, while cruise ship construction will be separated and operated as a new business under MHI’s Commercial Aviation & Transportation Systems domain.

The new commercial ship construction entity will succeed MHI Ship & Ocean Engineering Co and will undertake sales, engineering, procurement, manufacture, construction and repair services. The company said new ship construction operations will focus on LNG and LPG carriers – vessels MHI expects to be in strong demand beyond the near term.

MHI said the new company aimed to strengthen cost competitiveness by streamlining production through continuous construction of gas carriers; by becoming a more efficient, compact organisation, and by streamlining administrative processes.

The hull block manufacturing company will specialise in large-scale hull blocks, an area in which the MHI said the Koyagi plant excels. The company will offer its products to customers outside MHI, and aims to expand production volumes.

No changes will be made to shipbuilding activities for commercial vessels at Shimonoseki Shipyard & Machinery Works and vessels for the Japan Ministry of Defense at Nagasaki Shipyard.

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