Alfa Laval scrubbers for Grimaldi Group

23 Dec 2016

The Grimaldi Group has placed orders for seven hybrid Alfa Laval PureSOx systems with U-design scrubbers.

Each of the PureSOx systems on the Grimaldi Group vessels will be connected to a MAN two-stroke engine.

They will also be equipped with hybrid systems that offer both open-loop and closed-loop modes because the vessels will sail between Italy and the United States, where Vessel General Permit (VGP) legislation applies.

 “Alfa Laval offers both the U-design and an inlineI-design, but the U-design remains the ‘classic’ version of PureSOx that is still the best choice for the majority of vessels,” said René Diks, manager of marketing and sales, at Alfa Laval.

He added: “The fact that Alfa Laval has sold over 100 U-design scrubbers since launching five years ago shows the strength of the design and of PureSOx as a whole.”

This deal bring the group’s total number of PureSOx systems to 19, following new PureSOx orders booked in October including seven car carriers to be built at China’s Yangfan Shipyard.

The second system ordered is also the 100th PureSOx system to be sold with a U-design scrubber.

Closed-loop scrubbing is necessary to meet the very strict VGP wash water discharge requirements. PureSOx offers well-proven water cleaning technology based on centrifugal separation, which will be used when the vessels are sailing in closed-loop mode.

“Our experience with Alfa Laval PureSOx on Grimaldi Group vessels has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Dario Bocchetti, environmental manager of the Grimaldi Group.

He concluded: “We know that these new vessels will meet SOx emission and discharge limits, and the use of hybrid systems will allow them to do it in the most cost-effective manner possible.”

The delivery of the first PureSOx system ordered is planned for the end of Q1 2017, with installation to follow in Q2. The last of the seven PureSOx systems will be delivered in Q1 2018.

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