App addresses boiler dosing challenges

23 Sep 2016

Wilhelmsen Ships Service (WSS) has introduced a new innovation to counter the threat of vessel boiler failure.

The new digital, cloud-based automated boiler water dosing solution is set to change the method, reliability and onshore insight into boiler water treatment.

“It’s a development we’ve made in response to very clear customer demand,” said Rune Nygaard, WSS business manager of water.

He added: “Boiler failure is an ever-present danger within the market, with repair costs usually amounting to between US$80,000 and US$180,000, and that’s before any related vessel downtime has been taken into consideration.”

The device aims to reduce the risk of boiler failure, removes the need for regular, often inaccurate testing by crew, and offers a connectivity that enables on- and offshore data sharing.

Nygaard explained: “Vessel crews do the best they can to test water and maintain predictable operations, but the testing can be time-consuming and, in some cases, an afterthought when compared to vessel duties that are seen as more ‘core’ to on-going operations. This is a risk that shipowners and operators shouldn’t need to take.”

WSS’s digital solution works by taking constant readings for boiler water pH, conductivity, temperature and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), before dosing it with two separate chemicals, according to pre-determined limits. The solution is easy to install and suitable for use on all medium to low pressure boilers. It is of particular use to vessels with fluctuating steam usage.

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