Compact waste heat recovery system saves fuel

Waste heat recovery system The technology is now available in a compact size which fits into a wider range of vessels

Ship owners and operators could see fuel savings of up to 8% with a redesigned compact waste heat recovery system.

The technology’s high-power density generator and electronics have been packaged into a system that is much smaller in volume than traditional ORC systems, said its developers.

Joe Orrell, managing director of RED Engineering, which provided support on the project, said: “This draws on technology and expertise developed for the automotive industry, taking costs out and increasing durability. The result is a system with a lower cost per installed kw than anything on the market in a package size that meets the tight constraints of imposed by marine applications.”

The technology, developed by AVID Technology, is engineered to reduce emissions and vessel operating costs by converting waste heat from the vessel engine into electricity.

It uses the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) heat transfer process and a turbo generator power conversion system to convert thermal energy from the engine jacket water into electricity.

The projected 8% fuel saving comes from a market study completed by the ETI but Red Engineering said multiple systems can be connected to generate more power.

It confirmed the fuel saving is dependent on how many systems are installed versus on-board engine power.

The system is designed to be modular to meet the demands of the retrofit market. This will allow it to be easily broken down and transported through tight hatches and access doors, although Ryan Maughan, AVID’s founder and managing director, pointed out that “re-assembling and installing inside the vessel is bound to throw up some interesting challenges to overcome” as the project moves towards completion.

The two-year £3.6m project, currently in a land-based development and testing phase, is being funded by the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI).

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