Freshwater generator can cut power consumption by 70%

24 Oct 2017
Alfa Laval AQUA Blue S-type

Alfa Laval AQUA Blue S-type

Alfa Laval’s new AQUA Blue S-type freshwater generator claims to cut power consumption by almost 70% saving operators both cost and efficiency.

When first introduced in 2008, Alfa Laval’s AQUA freshwater generation technology cut seawater needs and pump-related power consumption in half. This new technology goes one step further, to reduce power consumption to just one-third that of conventional freshwater generators.

“AQUA freshwater generation technology revolutionised energy use in a very well-established application,” said Alex Jönsson, global business manager for Alfa Laval freshwater generators.

“With the AQUA Blue S-type, we further reduce the energy-related costs for ship owners – as well as the installation costs for shipyards.”

The new AQUA Blue S-type uses the same 3-in-1 AQUA plate technology as the original C-type configuration. But it maximises energy efficiency and capacity-to-footprint ratio by making use of the vessel’s existing seawater cooling system pumps.

This effectively shrinks the already small AQUA Blue footprint by up to 15%.

Besides its smaller footprint, the AQUA Blue S-type offers shipyards a considerable amount of new flexibility, including a range of connection alternatives.

Because it makes use of the vessel’s seawater cooling system pumps, it employs a smaller ejector and a smaller, separately installed ejector pump. Likewise, the pipework can be both shorter and smaller in diameter.

In addition, the S-type handles a wider span of pressures, which means the configuration can be adapted to the highest or lowest water level.

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