Grease separators treat 1-25 litres per second

12 Oct 2017
ACO Lipatomat

The ACO Lipatomat is available as a composite version (pictured) or manufactured from stainless steel

New Lipator and Lipatomat grease separators can treat between 1-25 litres per second.

ACO Marine’s units are designed to allow the commercial shipping sector to treat galley waste fats, oils and greases cost-effectively without impacting treatment efficiency.

Mark Beavis, managing director, explained treatment cost is the same as a traditional grease trap system and up to 50% less than existing grease separation systems, adding ACO Marine have “modified the Lipator and Lipatomat products by bringing production completely in-house, reducing and standardising components and installing a new pneumatic valve to enhance operational performance.”

He stated: “On installations where local working air is unavailable, a unit mounted micro-compressor is provided.”

Problematic build-up

Increased capacity range combined with a choice of composite material or stainless steel units mean the separators are suitable for all vessel types, facilitating the treatment of galley wastewater and the protection of downstream wastewater treatment plants, claimed ACO Marine.

Ship operators usually treat grease with a grease trap, however, congealed fat can quickly accumulate, clogging up and damaging the pipework and, ultimately, the wastewater treatment plant.

Grey wastewater streams are the most difficult to treat due to their wide mix of substances, said Mr Beavis.

“Effective separation has to be carried out before this stream can be properly treated.”

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