Lithium ion battery systems receive DNV-GL approval

04 Oct 2017
The Orca Energy ESS can be used to power hybrid vessels, offshore units and port equipment

The Orca Energy ESS can be used to power hybrid vessels, offshore units and port equipment

A lithium ion battery system has received Type Approval by DNV-GL for use in battery-powered or hybrid vessels and offshore units opening up the options on the market.

Corvus Energy said that the recognition of its Orca Energy energy storage system (ESS) by DNV-GL confirms the high quality and safety standards that has been designed into the system.

“Corvus is pleased to receive Type Approval by DNV-GL for Orca Energy”, said Neil Lang, COO of Corvus Energy.

“Orca Energy was designed and built to exceed all industry standards and customer expectations. As a result, Orca has become the industry’s number one choice for energy storage systems.”

The Orca Energy ESS was awarded Type Approval Certificate No. TAE000026N, which is valid up until August 2022. Products approved by this certificate are accepted for installation on all vessels classed by DNV-GL.

As a leading manufacturer of energy storage systems for maritime applications, Corvus is helping to pioneer battery technology in the industry. There are currently 90+ installations utilising a Corvus ESS, now totaling over 50MWh and 1.5 million operating hours.

Corvus said that the implementation of a hybrid electric system provides significant fuel savings and greatly reduces GHG emissions for operators.

As well as hybrid vessels and offshore units, Orca Energy systems can also be used in port equipment such as port cranes resulting in fuel savings of up to 65% with the added benefits of reduced operating costs, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and lower noise levels at the terminal.

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