MAN approves Alfa Laval for scrubbers

Alfa Laval's PureNOx water treatment system will combine with MAN's EGR unit to meet IMO's Tier III NOx standard Alfa Laval's PureNOx water treatment system will combine with MAN's EGR unit to meet IMO's Tier III NOx standard

MAN Diesel & Turbo has approved Alfa Laval to supply its PureNOx water treatment for use with MAN’s exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) scrubber, making Alfa the first company to receive such approval.

The EGR system, an alternative NOx abatement solution to selective catalytic reduction (SCR), will be used with the MAN’s two-stroke marine engines to reduce emissions. Both EGR and SCR are compliant with the IMO’s NOx Technical Code.

Alfa Laval signed a cooperation agreement with MAN to develop the water treatment system for cleaning scrubber water in 2012. The small, modular unit can be positioned anywhere in the engine room, close to the EGR system, which is integrated with the vessel’s engine.

PureNOx prevents soot and compounds derived from the exhaust gas from accumulating in the scrubber and corroding the engine. It also enables the bleed-off of clean water overboard, in compliance with IMO criteria.

“From the start, we have worked closely with MAN to develop and refine the water treatment system,” says Kristina Effler, global business manager, water treatment exhaust gas emissions at Alfa Laval. “Receiving the certificate of approval for PureNOx is proof that close cooperation really pays off.”

The next development, PureNOx Prime, will be launched by the end of the year, Effler added. The new unit will aim to minimise sludge production (reducing onshore disposal costs) as well as being a smaller and cheaper unit.


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