New battery pack system from Becker

28 Sep 2016
COBRA is expected to be ready for delivery in 2017

COBRA is expected to be ready for delivery in 2017

Becker Marine Systems unveiled its new low-cost, compact battery system which is currently in its test phase.

The Compact Battery Rack (COBRA) is expected to begin delivery in the summer of 2017 as an independent product or in combination with hybrid drives.

“Due to our strength and the force of innovation in our core business as well as continuous product development in the field of alternative fuels, we view the outlook for growth as continuing to remain stable despite a difficult overall market environment in the industry,” said Dirk Lehmann, managing director of Becker Marine Systems.

Initial orders for passenger ferries have already been placed for this technology based on lithium-ion cells.

The new product line was unveiled at SMM in Hamburg during September, where the company also announced a number of other new orders.

Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard placed an order for the Becker Performance Package, which compromises a Becker Twist Rudder with Rudder Bulb and Becker Mewis Duct.

The company also struck a deal with Imbari Shipbuilding shipyard in Japan and the New Times Shipbuilding shipyard in China.

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