New pumps for offshore applications

23 Sep 2010
Hamworthy sea water pump installation in caisson

Hamworthy sea water pump installation in caisson

Hamworthy Svanehøj has launched the first of what it says will become an entirely new range of combined sea water lift and fire pumps that meet the requirements of the offshore market.

The new deepwell seawater lifting pumps and fire pumps ’DWS’ will be available ranging in capacity from 700 m3/hr to 1700 m3/hr and with a differential pressure up to 180 mlc. The pumps are driven by a dry mounted electric motor in explosion-proof execution, through a pipe stack with transmission shaft and cargo lubricated bearings. These pumps are in addition to in-line Hamworthy pumps already available for seawater lift and firewater applications.

The pump head is designed using CFD technology which the company says has enabled 15% higher head per flow unit, while the semi-radial design provides more stable performance at higher capacities, while the moulded intermediate chamber results in a 30% weight reduction compared to equivalent units with welded chambers.

The DWS pumps will be available in a wide range of materials, with options including strainer, galvanic protection and anti fouling system. Although the main application is expected to be seawater lifting and firefighting, versions can be supplied for chemicals, condensate and liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.

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