PTO/PTI tool helps ships save fuel

05 Oct 2017
Munich Maersk

20,568 teu-capacity Munich Maersk is one of four vessels that will use GE’s Marine Solutions’ power take off/power take in (PTO/PTI) solution

A power take off/power take in (PTO/PTI) tool will enable more goods transportation with fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

GE’s Marine Solutions’ PTO/PTI solution consists of two GE motor-generator sets that sit on the two propeller shafts while connecting to the GE MV7000 drives. During the PTI mode, the motor-generator sets play the role of an electric propulsion system that provides additional motor power—beyond that of the main diesel engines—to propel the vessel.

When the need for propulsion power is reduced, the motor-generator sets switch to the PTO mode, harnessing the mechanical energy from the shaft and converting the otherwise wasted energy into electricity to generate power for electrical equipment onboard the vessel.

Boosting sustainability

Steffen Hartvig Nielsen, senior project manager at Maersk Line, which will use the technology alongside GE’s Marine Solutions’ Power Management System digital software solution onboard four of its container vessels, said: “GE’s propulsion and software system creates energy savings and is helping us achieve our sustainability strategy, which aims to reduce carbon emissions per container vessel by 10 percent.”

The EEE Mark II vessels Madrid Maersk, Munich Maersk, Moscow Maersk and Milan Maersk each have a capacity of 20,568 teus.

The PTO/PTI motor-generator sets use induction motors instead of their synchronous peers. By removing transformers, the sets are more reliable and require less maintenance.

The Power Management System is connected to all generators onboard the vessels and is designed to optimise fuel usage based on the required sailing speed.

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