Pump system order for newbuild Sølvtrans vessel

'Ronjafisk' will be equipped with a large low-pressure pump system from PG Flow Systems 'Ronjafisk' will be equipped with a large low-pressure pump system from PG Flow Systems

Aas Mekaniske Verksted has ordered pump systems from PG Flow Solutions for use on board a newbuild wellboat for Sølvtrans.

The liquid handling and pump specialist will deliver a large low-pressure pump system that ensures continuous seawater circulation in the boat’s well to enable transport of live fish. The circulation system has a total capacity of 16,000 cubic metres seawater per hour.

“We see that Aas Mekaniske and Sølvtrans put great emphasis on animal welfare, which translates into economic gain. This is one of the main reasons for why they have chosen to go with our pump systems,” said Roy Norum, CEO of PG Flow Solutions.

Additional pumps

In addition to the pump system, PG has signed a separate contract to supply all engine room pumps that are required for the main engine and support engines, plus generic pump requirements for operating the wellboat.

Back in November 2017, PG Flow Solutions was awarded similar contracts for an identical sister vessel that Aas Mekaniske Verksted is also building for Sølvtrans.

Mr Norum said that PG Flow Solutions’ seawater circulation pump offers high efficiency levels and is easy to maintain.

The vessel crew can easily maintain the pumps themselves, without support from an external service technician. This saves both time and cost for the vessel owner and ensures excellent animal welfare.

When completed, Ronjafisk will be 69.69 metres long and 17.80 metres wide. The design is adapted to the wellboat company’s circulation principle of sideways circulation in the cargo spaces as well as closed transport.



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