PureBallast system approved for coastal barges

01 Jun 2015
The PureBallast 3.1EX is now certified by the US Coast Guard for use on coastal barges

The PureBallast 3.1EX is now certified by the US Coast Guard for use on coastal barges

Alfa Laval’s explosion-proof ballast water treatment system, PureBallast 3.1EX, has received US Coast Guard (USCG) approval for applications on barges sailing US coastal waters.

The approval comes a year after Alfa Laval PureBallast received an IECEx Certificate of Conformity from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for use in explosive atmospheres on board ships in international waters.

PureBallast EX features a simplified design enabling the lamp drive cabinets to be placed up to 150m away from the reactors they serve – allowing the power supply to be safely located outside any potentially hazardous zone.

“We’re pleased that PureBallast EX meets the stringent criteria for approval by the US Coast Guard,” says Stephen Westerling Greer, global business manager, Alfa Laval PureBallast. “US Coast Guard approval, together with IECEx certification, sends a strong signal to ship owners and operators that they can trust our ballast water treatment system to comply with strict national and international regulations while effectively cleaning ballast water.”

The PureBallast system is said to offer 50% space savings compared to other systems, as well as functions including energy management and power ramp to optimise disinfection treatment whilst operating at full flow in low-clarity waters, where UV transmittance is just 42%.

“We’ve also introduced a new PureBallast reactor for system sizes from 170 m3/h to 32 m3/h,” said Westerling Greer. “Alfa Laval is now able to offer ship owners with vessels, large and small, the means with which to comply to international, national and regional regulations and local port requirements the world over.”

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