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The Synapsis Bridge System from Raytheon Anschütz The Synapsis Bridge System from Raytheon Anschütz
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At the recent SMM exhibition, German company Raytheon Anschütz launched its latest bridge system, known as Synapsis. The system aims to make navigation more efficient and to simplify operation for users.

The company says that the ‘Synapsis’ name signifies the intelligence of its new generation of navigation systems which offer immediate processing of data, consistent data presentation to the operator and intuitive support for decision making. The system features new wide-screen, task-orientated multifunctional workstations which make use of standard hardware and software to allow for full scalability and future expandability.

The system is intended to be configured according to user requirements, offering combinations from a single stand-alone ECDIS workplace to a fully-integrated workstation providing access to all navigational tasks including route monitoring, collision avoidance, navigation control, status and data display or alarm monitoring. Functions such as changing display colour schemes or display dimming across all display screens can be activated from any workstation.

The company says that configurations and tasks of the workstations are controlled by a newly developed bridge integration platform. This platform allows further ship systems to be linked via a common interface, thus enabling the integration of additional applications such as automation, DP system or CCTV from various suppliers on the multifunctional workstations.

Within the bridge system, data distribution is carried out by a new dual Ethernet bus, allowing data to be stored independently at any workstation. Having all information consistently available throughout the whole navigation network, according to Raytheon, allows creation of new display pages according to individual requirements, according to the company’s ‘e-navigation’ concept.

A central part of the system is the new voyage efficiency monitor, providing a joint display of navigational data with engine automation and loading computer data to enhance bridge operations and support the navigator in decision making, particularly regarding steering and rudder operation, helping to optimise voyage planning for improved fuel consumption. Integration of machinery data with navigational information is in line with the agreement signed earlier in 2010 between Raytheon Anschütz and Wärtsilä, under which Raytheon is making its integrated navigational bridge technology available to Wärtsilä for the latter’s complete ship automation systems.

By combining intelligent alert management with a new consistent common reference system (CCRS), the NautoConning display has been enhanced. The CCRS continuously observes the availability, validity and integrity of all sensor data and calculates a quality indicator for each sensor. The unit displays the quality indicators and provides a system wide sensor and source selection menu including a choice between manual and automatic sensor selection. In automatic sensor selection mode, a set of the best sensor data is compiled automatically and distributed throughout the entire navigation system. Apart from increasing the ship’s safety through intelligent use of on board sensor information, the company expects this to reduce the work load for officers and pilots on duty.

As an essential part of the Synapsis Bridge Control, Raytheon Anschütz has introduced a new adaptive autopilot module, the NautoPilot 5000, featuring touch-screen operation, colour TFT and the latest generation Nautosteer AS steering control system. Based on CAN-bus technology, the NautoSteer AS was developed to provide fail-safe operation. All components are fitted with take-over functions and include wire break and steering failure monitoring. Raytheon Anschütz says, apart from making commissioning and installation of systems at the shipyard easier, the new steering control offers high standards for safety at sea.

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