Two new diesel electric offshore training aids

23 Oct 2013
Kongsberg’s offshore engine room simulators feature multi-thruster installations

Kongsberg’s offshore engine room simulators feature multi-thruster installations

Kongsberg Maritime has introduced two new Diesel Electric models for its Engine Room Simulator, K-Sim Engine (previously known as Neptune).

Although intended for training operators of semi-submersible rigs and drill ships, the simulators may be of equal interest to ship engineers. The DE88 model, containing eight Wärtsilä 16V26 engines and eight thrusters, is already available, while the DE66 model, simulating full operation of six MAN 16V32/40 diesel generators powering six thrusters, will be released in Q1 2014.

Kongsberg says that the new models are designed to support critical learning objectives for offshore engineering crew including complete system understanding under normal operation, fault detection and correction, and decision making training. The DE88 and DE66 are based on current STCW requirements, and enable simulated interaction with all core engine room subsystems including: power generation, power management, central cooling water, ballast system, fuel and lube oil systems, start and service air, propulsion system incl. azimuth thrusters, electrical network, fire and gas detection, fire extinguishing systems, emergency shut down system and the integrated automation system (IAS).

“Our new Drilling Rig and Drillship models are complementary to the new generation of Kongsberg offshore simulators used by high-profile customers around the world,” said Leif Pentti Halvorsen, product manager ERS, Kongbserg Maritime.

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