ABB Turbocharging is set for a busy future after signing long-term Maintenance Management Agreements (MMA) with three leading transport companies covering a total of 400 turbochargers globally.

ABB Turbocharger has signed an MMA with three companies including Torghatten

ABB Turbocharger has signed an MMA with three companies including Torghatten

The contract, which span a period of several years, have been signed with DOF Group, Teekay and Torghatten ASA, and include turbocharger monitoring, regular servicing and preventive maintenance.

“Timely and preventive maintenance is significant in optimising turbocharger product lifetime, so we are delighted that these customers have chosen our MMA agreement, enabling us to work more closely with them for maintenance of their turbocharging products,” said Truls-Magnus Lindseth, head of Turbocharging Scandinavia.

Through signing these service agreements, ABB Turbocharging takes full responsibility for planning and scheduling turbocharger servicing. The agreement also includes monitoring for early warning of upcoming service requirements. With this, ABB says its customers gain a good overview of their service needs, which will lead to decreased engine downtime and more predictability in operating expenses.

ABB says investing in proactively planned, and scheduled OEM maintenance is an increasing trend amongst end-user turbocharging customers as they seek ways to improve cost management. More than 400 customers globally have already entered into similar service contracts with ABB Turbocharging to ensure optimised performance of their products.

DOF Group is an international group of companies which owns and operates a fleet of 70 supply and subsea vessels. Teekay is one of the world’s largest marine energy, transportation, storage and production companies. Torghatten ASA is a Norwegian shipping company with ship operations which include car and passenger ferries.

Within the ABB Turbocharging network of over 100 service centres in more than 50 countries, there are three located in Norway: Bergen, Oslo and, most recently, Tromsø.