The International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) has established a dedicated portal for knowledge sharing in connection with hydrogen related port projects. An area reserved for the Global Ports Hydrogen Coalition has been created on the World Ports Sustainability Program’s website.

“As part of IAPH’s contribution to the CEM Global Ports Hydrogen Coalition, we have created a special platform for hydrogen projects at ports,” said IAPH’s technical director, Antonis Michail.

The IAPH is facilitating knowledge sharing on port hydrogen projects.

Source: IAPH

The IAPH is facilitating knowledge sharing on port hydrogen projects.

”The scope of projects will cover current and planned port implementations related to ammonia, methanol and hydrogen not just as marine fuels, but also looking to the contribution of ports as energy hubs.”

Peer learning

The IEA is the coordinator of the Hydrogen Initiative and the Ports Coalition.

Timur Gül, Head of IEA Energy Technology Policy Division, explained that to have access to information about ongoing hydrogen projects in ports is not just useful for the IEA in its efforts to track and project the production and use of hydrogen globally.

”It will also help ports to identify what other ports are doing on hydrogen, which will open up opportunities for exchange, peer learning and co-operation,” he said.

Hydrogen-related port projects featured on the new WPSP portal are also eligible to be entered into the IAPH 2022 Sustainability Awards.

For ports earmarking such projects or for those that are in development, IAPH and the Global Ports Hydrogen Coalition are encouraging applicants to submit their information to ensure they are eligible for the 2022 awards under the category “Climate and Energy.”