Conventional Fuels & Oils

  • A major Mexican ship-owner has selected Ascenz's Electronic Fuel Monitoring System (EFMS) for an oil tanker.

    First EFMS installation in Americas for Ascenz


    A major Mexican ship-owner has awarded a contract for the installation of an Electronic Fuel Monitoring System (EFMS) to Ascenz, a GTT Digital company. The contract is the first for the GTT subsidiary in the Americas. 

  • Mobilgard Delvac 1 and Mobil Delvac 1300 Super have been rebranded as Mobilgard 1 HSD and Mobilgard HSD+.

    ExxonMobil brings certain Mobil Delvac lubes under MobilGard range


    ExxonMobil has transferred some of its Mobil Delvac lubricating oils over into the MobilGard family for its marine customers ahead of likely reformulations that will help ensure vessel operators remain compliant with evolving maritime regulations and operational requirements.

  • MSC 106 concluded its session at the IMO in London on 11 November 2022.

    MSC106 requires flashpoint on bunker delivery note


    The 106th session of the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee (MSC 106) was held in London, UK, from 2 to 11 November and adopted changes relating to bunker delivery notes, surveys and inclinometers.

  • Shell plans to manufacture, distribute and market the Panolin portfolio of EAL products alongside its established Shell Naturelle branded products following the conclusion of the acquisition of Panolin's EAL business.

    Shell to buy Panolin EAL business


    The wholly-owned subsidiaries of Shell plc, Shell U.K., Pennzoil-Quaker State Company and Shell Aviation Sweden AB, have entered into agreements to acquire the environmentally considerate/acceptable lubricants (ECLs or EALs) business of the Panolin Group.

  • Unni Einemo, the Director of IBIA.

    IBIA welcomes Rotterdam’s plans to mandate MFMs


    The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) has welcomed news that the Port of Rotterdam appears to be moving toward making the use of mass flow meters (MFMs) mandatory for bunker deliveries.

  • The CIMAC WG7 review found incidences of fuel system failures and engine problems were not isolated to any specific machinery, component make or brand of affected separators, filters, two-stroke engines, or four-stroke engines.

    CIMAC releases paper on COC fuel contamination


    CIMAC has published a white paper from CIMAC WG7 Fuels entitled Organic Chloride Fuel Incidents stating its position on the marine fuel incidents that occurred earlier this year.

  • Over 1 million metric tons of off-specification or non-compliant fuels are detected each year, according to a recent LR/Thetius study.

    Off-spec fuel can cost $50,000 per incident


    Lloyd’s Register (LR), in collaboration with marine innovation consultancy Thetius, has published a new report titled ‘Testing Times – The vital role of ship fuel oil testing and quantity verification in an uncertain era’ estimating that in excess of 1 million metric tons of off-specification or non-compliant fuels are detected ...

  • The official launch of the SIBCON 2022 exhibition in Singapore was held earlier this week.

    Singapore accelerates digitalisation of its bunkering supply chain


    A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between the Singapore Trade Data Exchange Services (SGTraDex) and key industry solution providers to accelerate digitalisation of Singapore’s bunkering supply chain.

  • Lubmarine's new digital platform offers easy access to drain oil analysis results within minutes, and the ability to compare results with previous results from the same assets.

    Lubmarine launches new digital services platform


    Serge Dal Farra, Marketing Manager at Lubmarine, a division of TotalEnergies Lubrifiants, explains how the new digital Lubportal will transform the management of lubrication

  • Lubmarine has launched a new digital services suite

    New Lubmarine digital services platform


    Lubmarine has begun to launched a dedicated online service platform, offering onboard vessel equipment and engine performance insights, engineer support, as well as a dedicated portal to access vessel and business data. The platform is easy-to-use and provides intelligent online insights that can be used both by onshore staff and ...

  • The dual-fuel newbuildings will have similar dimensions to Siem Car Carriers' LNG-fuelled Siem Confucius (copyright: Volkswagen AG).

    Chevron supplies first stem of 40 BN Category II lube oil


    Chevron Marine Lubricants made its first delivery of a 40 BN Category II lube oil on 30 August, in a breakthrough moment for operators of MAN ES Mk9 and above two-stroke engines, when it supplied a stem of its new Taro Ultra Advanced 40 to SIEM Car Carriers.

  • Anders Grønborg will lead the new organisation, KPI OceanConnect, formed after KPI OceanConnect and BOGA join forces

    KPI OceanConnect appoints new CEO


    KPI OceanConnect and BOGA will join forces and operate under the name KPI OceanConnect under the leadership of Anders Grønborg.

  • Serge Dal Farra, Lubmarine Marketing Manager

    Key Steps to Delivering Effective Engine Lubrication


    Serge Dal Farra, Lubmarine Marketing Manager, outlines 3 steps towards an effective engine lubrication strategy including selecting the right engine oil, proper monitoring, and engineer support.

  • TotalEnergies Marine Fuels Completes COSCO SHIPPING Lines’ First Bunkering of Marine Biofuel

    TotalEnergies In Singaporean Boxship Biofuel Bunker First


    TotalEnergies Marine Fuels has concluded its first refuelling of a containership with biofuel in Singapore’s port waters. The bunkering also marks the first refuelling of a COSCO Shipping Lines containership with sustainable marine biofuel.

  • Rivertrace is diversifying into fuel oil sensors following the launch of the SMART VISCO Sensor.

    New fuel oil sensor solution for Main Engines


    Rivertrace, the UK-based environmental monitoring solutions provider, is launching a fuel oil sensor solution for main engines in the commercial shipping sector. 

  • Many of the thermodynamic properties of FAME and HVO are very similar to conventional diesel.

    Two-stroke diesel engines face lubricant challenges with biofuels


    There are immediate benefits to using biofuels, such as reduced SOx, NOx and GHG, but there are challenges too, say Nikolaj Kristensen, R&D Manager, and Bjørn Christian Dueholm, Industrial Ph.D. student, both at Hans Jensen Lubricators.

  • The 68-metre 1,700 dwt Fortuna II will supply bunkering services in ports along the UK coast, and in northwestern Europe.

    Harvest Energy Marine adds bunker tanker to fleet


    Harvest Energy Marine, a member of the Prax Group of companies, has purchased a new tanker, Fortuna II.

  • The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has completed its investigation into March 2022 contaminated fuel sales.

    MPA: Glencore continued to sell contaminated bunker


    The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) has completed its investigation into March 2022 contaminated fuel sales and is punishing Glencore but not PetroChina.

  • Chevron Marine Lubricants has launched an anhydrous lubricating grease, Clarity Synthetic EA Grease 0, that meets VGP rules for environmentally acceptable lubricants.

    Chevron Marine launches anhydrous grease


    Chevron Marine Lubricants has launched its Clarity Synthetic EA Grease 0, an anhydrous calcium thickened lubricating grease based on biodegradable synthetic esters that meet the parameters specified in the 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) rules for environmentally acceptable lubricants issued by U.S. Environmental Protection agency (EPA).

  • J-ENG’s research and development teams have included the development of CBM solutions among research priorities since 2019.

    ClassNK shows potential for CBM to prevent bearing damage


    ClassNK has released the latest ClassNK Technical Journal, which includes details of a study demonstrating the potential of monitoring main bearing lubricating oil outlet temperature for condition based monitoring (CBM).