The Motorship Propulsion & Future Fuels conference dinner took place in, Restaurant Allegade 10, Copenhagen.

Graham Harvey, CEO, Windship Technology Ltd - Winner of The Motorship Awards 2021

Graham Harvey, CEO, Windship Technology Ltd - Winner of The Motorship Awards 2021

Delegates in attendance enjoyed a delicious meal using the freshest ingredients and traditional local cuisine. The networking dinner gave this year’s audience the opportunity to make new connections and continue the discussions from the packed day one agenda in a relaxed setting.

During this year’s conference dinner the winner of the Motorship Award was revealed. This year’s finalist were:

  • Windship Technology - Zero Emission Bulker Concept Design

Windship Technology  were nominated for a 115,000dwt tanker ship design which will include onboard CO2 capture from four 2MW generators. The concept design combines Windship Technology’s solid aerofoils technology concept with a number of mature technologies, such as PV panels, and heat recovery to achieve up to 80% in fuel savings for the targeted vessel types.

  • WinGD - Intelligent control by exhaust recycling (iCER) – Reducing Methane slip by 50%

WinGD were also nominated with The X-DF2.0 technologies, which will enable improved engine performance with both LNG and future carbon-neutral fuels. The iCER system delivers enhanced combustion control through the use of inert gas. The result is a reduction in methane slip emissions of up to 50% when using LNG and a significant reduction of fuel consumption, of 3% in gas mode and 5g/kW in diesel mode.

  • Man ES - BW LPG – Worlds first retrofit LPG two stroke engine

Man ES were nominated for The worlds First Retrofit LPG two stroke engine. The conversion offers immediate environmental performance benefits, reducing GHG emissions by 20% and lowering PM emissions by 90%. The conversion is also expected to lead to fuel efficiency savings of around 10% for its vessels. The conversion will also ensure that the vessels are compliant with upcoming IMO regulations such as the EEXI, potentially extending the operational life of an asset.

  • UECC - First LNG Battery hybrid PCTCs

UECC  vessels’ design mean that the vessels will exceed the IMO target of 40% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030. Which is part of the reason for their nomination.  The project is also noteworthy for incorporating an Energy Storage System (ESS), which will be charged by a permanent magnet, directly driven shaft generator or dual fuel generators. By incorporating the ESS and shaft power generator into the design, the vessels reduce the number of auxiliaries from three to two.

Both virtual and in person delegates were able to vote for their winner after all of the presentations.

Nick  Edström, Editor, The Motorship, hosted the short award ceremony before the conference dinner, with a very strong line up of speakers and presentations the votes were very close, however with 36% of the votes, Nick, presented Windship Technology as the winner of the Motorship Award 2021.

We hope you are able to join us at next year’s event taking place from 15-17 November 2022, Le Méridien hotel,  Hamburg, with a networking conference dinner on 15 November.

Photos of the conference will be available next week, and you can see live coverage of the event on twitter @Motorship.