Hull Vane B.V

The Hull Vane® is a patented fixed foil located below or behind a ship's transom. The Hull Vane influences the stern wave pattern and creates hydrodynamic lift, which is partially

This results in a reduction in of the ship’s resistance. The performance of the Hull Vane® depends on the ship’s length, speed and hull shape in the aft sections, and ranges from 5% to 15% for suitable ships. In specific cases, fuel savings can be up to 20%.

Hull Vane® – Tech Talk

The fuel-saving effect of the Hull Vane® is due to four distinct aspects:

  • Thrust
  • Wave Reduction
  • Trim Correction
  • Reduced Pitching
  • Benefits of the Hull Vane®

    • Improved fuel economy
    • Reduced emissions
    • Greater range
    • Reduced installed propulsion power for same top speed
    • Reduced wave formation
    • Improved seakeeping – reduced pitching, rolling and yawing
    • Zero moving parts
    • Proven technology
    • New build or retrofit


    While participating in a tender for a new patrol boat for the Port of Rotterdam, we contracted Van Oossanen for the naval architecture. Based on the operational profile of the boat, they suggested a Hull Vane® to be integrated in the design, which we did. We won the tender on lowest life-cycle costs and minimal wave-making. Later on, model tests at Marin confirmed the CFD calculations: a reduction in fuel consumption of 22 to 25% over the entire useful speed range (10 to 19 knots), and a significant reduction in waves generated by the boat
                                                                                                                                         Maarten Kooiman                                                                                                       Manager Design Office of Shipyard Kooiman

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