Held onboard the Viking Mariella, the Conference Dinner will bring delegates together in a relaxed environment to network and exchange views on the latest technologies presented at the ground breaking Gas Fuelled Ships Conference. Book now to join them.

Taking place from 13-15 November 2017, the Viking Mariella will leave Helsinki for Stockholm on 13 November, arriving back in Helsinki on 15 November 2017. Delegate places at the Conference will include two nights’ accommodation on board the Viking Mariella, two breakfasts, three lunches and two dinners, which will include the GE Marine sponsored Conference Dinner which is always an excellent opportunity for participants to network and make new acquaintances.

With the take up of LNG now happening and operators also looking to other low flash point fuels such as methanol and ethane, the programme will look at what other viable options are there, that operators should be considering in the forthcoming years. Entitled ‘Beyond LNG – a wider view on low flash point and alternative fuels’, this year’s GFS Conference will look at the use of low flash point fuels as a maritime fuel, including take up and feedback by operators from different sectors and will also explore the development and use of alternative fuels.

The programme will feature unique technical visits based around the fuel cells installed on board the Viking Mariella which will also include the engine room and bridge. These ground breaking technical visits will give delegates the opportunity to view and learn about the use and advantages of the fuel cells, installed as part of the e4ships project, funded by the German government’s National Innovation Program Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology.

Places at the Conference will be limited. For further information contact the Events team on +44 1329825335 or email gasfuelledships@motorship.com.

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