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    Azipod propulsion to play a greater role in next generation vessel designs


    The Motorship spoke to Ari M. Turunen, Head of R&D and Technology, Marine Propulsion, at ABB Marine & Ports, about the future of Azipod® propulsors

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    MAN 4-stroke eyes digital expansion


    Bernd Eberwein, Head of Digital Services 4-Stroke at MAN Energy Solutions in Augsburg discusses plans to extend trials for planned maintenance services on components within its portfolio in 2024

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    Joined Up Thinking: MAN’s New NH3 Engine Is On Track


    Thomas S. Hansen, Head of Promotion and Customer Support at MAN Energy Solutions, 2-Stroke has provided an update on the new ammonia engine’s development schedule

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    MEPC80 Has Set The Direction Of Travel For The Industry: Ebbinghaus


    Dr Alexandra Ebbinghaus, GM Decarbonisation at Shell Marine, highlighted the challenges and opportunities that the industry is confronting in an interview with The Motorship

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    Integrating emissions reporting into digital work streams


    Paul Sells, CEO of ABS Wavesight, discusses the role that digitalisation tools can play in helping shipowners manage emissions reporting, specifically those offered by the new ABS affiliate and software-as-a-service company’s portfolio of products. Plus, he sheds light on the broader digitalisation trends emerging in the maritime industry.

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    Positioning Nor-Shipping at the heart of the maritime economy


    One of the enduring paradoxes of Nor-Shipping is how it manages to offer visitors access to the latest developments in a wide range of maritime sectors, while maintaining its welcoming collegiate atmosphere.

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    Accelleron’s Christoph Rofka sees upcoming changes in the turbocharging market


    Christoph Rofka, Accelleron’s president Medium & Low Speed products and VP Communications at CIMAC, discusses changes that are affecting the wider maritime propulsion market, and Accelleron’s response in an exclusive interview with The Motorship

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    Battery power to breakthrough in ice


    An ABB study based on three years of operational ship data mounts the compelling case for integrating battery power onboard modern icebreakers, Samuli Hänninen, who specializes in icebreaking vessels at ABB Marine & Ports, tells The Motorship.

  • Marc Sima, ceo FuelSave

    Nanotech Key To EGR and CO2 Reduction Advances


    FuelSave, the Germany-based technology developer behind the FuelSave+ combustion optimisation product, is in the process of patenting a new development for exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) solutions, breaking new grounds in emission reduction to not only reduce NOX emissions but also reduce CO2 emissions in an after treatment process.

  • Erik Hånell, president and CEO, Stena Bulk

    Carbon capture opens the door to negative CO2 emissions: Hånell


    Regulators need to make appropriate choices to avoid penalising first movers like Stena Bulk, Erik Hånell, president and CEO of Stena Bulk tells The Motorship

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    KM's Garen sees the power of positive thinking


    Rune Garen uses his business development role at Kongsberg to pose some difficult questions

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    Digitalisation solutions and hydrogen broaden GTT’s focus areas


    GTT, the LNG containment specialist, is expanding its strategic focus to include digitalisation solutions as well as hydrogen solutions, Anouar Kiassi, GTT’s vice president of Digital & Information explains to The Motorship in an exclusive interview.

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    MAN ES AEngine tests scheduled for H1 2023


    Thomas Hansen, head of two-stroke promotion and customer support at MAN Energy Solutions reveals MAN ES plans to soft-launch the Ammonia engine (AEngine) development programme in an exclusive interview with The Motorship.

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    Scaling up means much more than technological validation


    Pilot projects are only part of the challenge of scaling up cleantech developments, Haavard Tvedte, head of public affairs of Maritime CleanTech tells The Motorship in an exclusive interview.

  • Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Vice President, Global Sustainability

    Allow the market to support the decarbonisation journey: ABS’ Plevrakis


    Georgios Plevrakis, ABS Vice President, Global Sustainability discusses carbon pricing and its effect on the maritime sector in an exclusive interview with The Motorship at SMM in September 2022.

  • WinGD is seeing increasing interest in its methanol and ammonia engine solutions, Volkmar Galke, Global Sales Director tells The Motorship.

    Ammonia and methanol projects advance: WinGD’s Galke


    Switzerland-based engine designer WinGD is seeing increasing interest in its methanol and ammonia engine solutions, although continuing regulatory uncertainty is affecting business investment, Volkmar Galke, Global Sales Director tells The Motorship.

  • Serge Dal Farra, Lubmarine Marketing Manager

    Key Steps to Delivering Effective Engine Lubrication


    Serge Dal Farra, Lubmarine Marketing Manager, outlines 3 steps towards an effective engine lubrication strategy including selecting the right engine oil, proper monitoring, and engineer support.

  • Adi Aggarwal, General Manager, SEA\LNG

    Getting to 2050 on e-LNG


    Come 2050, SEA-LNG expects that a basket of future fuels based on hydrogen and produced from renewable electricity will be available for ocean-going ships and e-LNG (also known as renewable synthetic LNG) will be an important one.

  • Dorthe Jacobsen, MAN Energy Solutions’ principal research engineer within emissions, emission reduction, fuel and lubricants, in its two-stroke business

    Engine and ammonia lubricant solutions on track: MAN ES’ Jacobsen


    Dorthe Jacobsen, MAN Energy Solutions’ principal research engineer within emissions, emission reduction, fuel and lubricants, in its two-stroke business discussed the progress of the ammonia engine project and associated lubricant research developments with The Motorship.

  • WinGD is collaborating with lubricant suppliers to gain a better understanding as to how ammonia will interact with lubricant additives

    Lube oil is an engine component, says WinGD


    How an engine will be lubricated is just as important as any other design detail when developing new dual-fuel engines, Dr Bartosz Rozmyslowicz, WinGD’s Senior Expert, Fuels and Lubricants, tells The Motorship