Jasper Faber, Aviation and maritime specialist and Manager, Mobility & Transport at CE Delft, will deliver a keynote address on day one of Propulsion & Future Fuels 2019.

Jasper’s expertise centres on aviation and maritime transport. He analyses policy instruments for improving the environmental performance of aviation and maritime shipping, thriving on assisting policy makers in the design of policy instruments that yield maximum environmental benefits at least economic cost.

In recent years Jasper has studied policy tools of potential use for establishing climate policy for shipping and is now looking at the kind of playing field that can be created by government, not just to encourage innovation but to steer technology in a sustainable direction.

Faber’s keynote address will cover the revised parameters of the IMO GHG study which now includes updated transport work projections and contemporary GDP projections as well as an overview of the options to bridge the gap between projected emissions and the targets of the Initial IMO GHG Strategy.

We are pleased to welcome Jasper to the programme!

For more information on confirmed speakers and presentations, see the programme online.

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