AEGIR-Marine is the expert in the field of stern tube seals and propulsion systems of ships. Being marine engineers ourselves, we know how important it is that these essential parts perform properly.

The AEGIR-Marine group consists of 3 divisions:

Right from the start AEGIR-Marine knew what they wanted: to offer outstanding service to ship managers. Since the business was started, AEGIR has built up an excellent reputation in the marine industry. A short impression of our company.


AEGIR takes care of your stern seals as if they were our own. We truly like to go the extra mile and we definitely prefer doing more than we promised rather than too little.

We have worked on our service concept for the past 15 years. Today, AEGIR-Marine is the only class-approved stern seal service company in the world.


Whatever you need done to the propulsion system of your vessel, AEGIR can do it. Whether it concerns the propeller shaft, bow thruster overhaul, CPP maintenance, update of controls, thruster inspection, stabilizer seal repair or modifying damaged blades. The only propulsion part we don't maintain, is the engine.


AEGIR-Marine is a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality spare parts. PRIME Parts® is our own make for stern tube seals, bearings, liners, O-rings and many more propulsion spares. Our R&D department is responsible for all engineering and development. We choose to have all PRIME Parts in stock, so you will never have to wait for weeks. Just call us and we will deliver them immediately. It’s as simple as that.