Norsepower was founded with a mission to reduce the environmental impact of shipping through wind propulsion harnessed by its Rotor Sail Solution technology.

The company has successfully installed its Rotor Sails on a wide variety of vessel types from large tankers to ferries and bulkers. Norsepower Rotor Sails are available in five sizes with heights of 18, 24, 28, 30 or 35 metres. Designs include the world’s first tilting Rotor Sail for vessels which transit height restricted routes.

Rotor Sails are compatible with all other means of fuel saving and emissions reduction clean technologies. When combined with weather routing, voyage optimisation and integrated power management, Norsepower’s Rotor Sails can significantly contribute to any (laden or ballast) voyage-related carbon footprint reduction with fuel and emissions savings of up to 25% proven as achievable.

As the industry navigates its energy transition with tighter carbon regulations and mounting ESG pressures, there has never been a greater imperative to install a technology that generates clean energy directly from the wind, either as a retrofit or on a newbuild.

Visit Norsepower’s website to use the Performance Simulator tool which simply calculates the potential for a ship’s fuel savings and CO2 emission reduction with Rotor Sails.