What is the EU Ecolabel and why is it important when looking for sustainable products?

In a world where sustainability is a primary concern, it is important for consumers to be able to distinguish between which products available on the market contribute positively towards the environment and which don’t.

Many brands may stress their environmental credentials or claim that their products are ‘green’, but it is difficult to always trust this.

The EU Ecolabel is a mark of green excellence and professional discipline thanks to strict criteria developed by the European Commission and Member States with industry, consumer organisations and environmental NGOs.

The EU Ecolabel:

  • Showcases true ‘green’ products, empowering sustainable choices
  • Benefits the environment while encouraging responsible business
  • Allows market actors to contribute to the political objectives of a climate neutral, clean, circular economy, and a toxic-free environment
  • Guarantees that products are durable and easy to repair/recycle
  • Minimises the use of harmful chemicals, as well as emissions into air and water
  • Helps in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions

Products with the EU Ecolabel aim to guarantee:

  • Reduced impact on the aquatic environment and the soil during use
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • High percentage of renewable raw materials
  • Limited use of hazardous substances
  • High technical performance

Therefore, products with the EEL can be more cost-effective than comparable mineral-oil based counterparts and added value can often be achieved during use.

EEL can be awarded to the following categories of products :

  • Total Loss Lubricants (TLL): Chainsaw oils, wire rope lubricants, concrete release agents
  • Partial Loss Lubricants (PLL): Gear oils for open gears, stern tube oils, two-stroke oils, oils for temporary protection against corrosion
  • Accidental Loss Lubricants (ALL): Hydraulic fluids, metalworking fluids, gear oils for closed gears

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