ABS Consulting is teaming up with Nozomi Networks to enhance ABS Consulting’s operational technology (OT) network monitoring and managed services for the oil and gas, power and energy, maritime, chemical and manufacturing sectors.

ABS Consulting will join Nozomi Networks’ Elite Partners programme, which enables managed security service providers to build on Nozomi Networks Vantage, Guardian and Central Management Console (CMC) products that Nozomi manages on behalf of customers.


Cyber attacks are an increasing threat worldwide Photo: ABS

“ABS Consulting is filling a critical role as a growing number of industrial security officers look for cost-effective ways to strengthen their security postures across IT and OT while juggling resource limitations and skills gaps,” said Chet Namboodri, Nozomi Networks senior vice president of Business Development and Alliances.

In 2021, the US saw a number of high-profile cybersecurity attacks on critical infrastructure and industrial organisations, causing them to proactively shut down operations to minimise damage. These actions exposed the huge differences in the ways OT and IT vulnerabilities are managed as well as demonstrating the wide-spread effects on business and reputations.

“The IT cybersecurity pace is much more advanced, while OT is an emerging target,” said global head of Industrial Cybersecurity at ABS Consulting. “This, combined with increased digitalisation and connectivity, is creating an ever-expanding risk gap that requires specialised domain expertise to address.”