Bio-UV says its Bio-Sea B range has passed all performance tests relating to USCG Type Approval moving it another step closer to certification.

Upon its approval, the BWTS manufacturer will be able to provide ship owners the opportunity to operate under IMO or US mode using just one ballast water treatment system.

Shipboard tests for the system were performed on two CMA CGM container vessels (700m3/h and 1400m3/h), with the ballast water treatment system used routinely during ships operations all over the world during a two-year period.

Bio-UV said that the Bio-Sea USCG Type Approval will now enter into its administrative stage with DNV GL as independent laboratory. The USCG official document is expected in the first part of 2018.

IMO compliance

Bio-Sea, devised in accordance with the IMO G8 Directive, is a complete range of complete systems that combine mechanical filters and UV-C treatment.

The manufacturer said that the Bio-Sea range is simple to install and use. It is adaptable, compact, competitive, economical, automatic and guaranteed not to contain any chemical products. It can treat flow-rates from 30 to more than 2,000 m3/h.

Bio-UV is a leading French manufacturer of ultraviolet light water treatment equipment.