Brian Østergaard Sørensen, Vice President, Head of R&D within Two-Stroke Business Brian Østergaard Sørensen, Vice President, Head of R&D within Two-Stroke Business

Supplementing the ME-GI range of high-pressure dual-fuel, two-stroke engines, MAN Energy Solutions plans to launch its ME-GA low-pressure generation with five- and six-cylinder models in the 700mm-bore size, writes David Tinsley.

Developed in co-operation with licensee Hyundai Heavy Industries Engine & Machinery Division (HHI-EMD), the ME-GA engines will produce up to 2,830kW per cylinder and ensure IMO Tier III compliance in gas mode without additional exhaust treatment systems.

Strong interest from the LNG carrier sector in a low-pressure dual-fuel design has been a key motivator for the project. Twin-engine LNGCs represent the biggest market segment for ME-GI engines. The ME-GA version obviates the relatively high cost of the fuel gas supply arrangements, including the high-pressure compressor for boosting the pressure of boil-off gas to the 300 bar injection pressure needed for the ME-GI engine in LNGC applications.

MAN’s move has no doubt also been influenced by Winterthur Gas & Diesel’s success with the low-pressure X-DF family in the dual-fuel two-stroke propulsion market.

Designated the G70ME-C10.5-GA, the new engine type will engender nominal maximum continuous outputs of 14,150kW and 16,980kW, respectively, at a crankshaft speed of 78rpm in five- and six-cylinder configurations at the L1 rating point. However, the layout diagram in each case provides a high degree of flexibility and choice as to contractually specified maximum continuous power and speed combinations. At the L4 SMCR, for instance, per-cylinder output is 1,920kW at 66rpm.

The company has indicated that the first ME-GA engine could be installed in an LNG tanker at the end of 2021. The design will have the same outline and footprint as that of the G70ME-C10.5 engine, which can deliver up to 3,100kW at 78rpm.

The retention of the engine outline and footprint will minimise difficulties for licensee engine manufacturers to deliver the new design. HHI-EMD has assisted in this process, having identified maintaining engine dimensions constant as one of the selection criteria at the beginning of the project.

Brian Østergaard Sørensen, Vice President, Head of R&D within Two-Stroke Business, told The Motorship in May that development testing on one of MAN’s two test engines in Copenhagen was expected to begin in the second half of 2019.

The company is adamant that ME-GA will not supplant the high-pressure ME-GI/ME-LGI engines, which is expected to remain as one of the strongpoints of its portfolio. By June this year, 280 sales had been confirmed, and 500,000 operating hours had been logged, for the ME-GI class.

Commitment to progression of the ME-GI concept was demonstrated in early 2019 by the unveiling of a Mark 2 version.



Dual-fuel two-stroke





Stroke/bore ratio


Power per cylinder, L1 rating

2,830kW @78rpm

Power/cyl, L2 rating

2,260kW @78rpm

Power/cyl, L3 rating

2,400kW @66rpm

Power/cyl, L4 rating

1,920kW @66rpm

Mean effective pressure, L1 rating

17.4 bar

Engine versions, cylinder numbers

5, 6

Power range(SMCR), 5cyl model


Power range(SMCR), 6cyl model



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