UK-based Marine Software Ltd reports the delivery of an MPM - Marine Planned Maintenance upgrade to Tallink-Silja, for installation on-board ‘Silja Symphony’ and ‘Galaxy’.

‘Silja Symphony’ is one of two ships using the MSL PM software with STA module

‘Silja Symphony’ is one of two ships using the MSL PM software with STA module

Under a Swedish transport agency project known as ‘Systemtillsyn’ a substantial proportion of responsibility for surveys of Swedish flagged vessels is devolved to the ships’ crews. The Agency provides a guide book (THB) containing all 480 survey items applicable to most types of Swedish flagged vessels. Most of these items are already covered by the MPM - Marine Planned Maintenance PMS system from Marine Software, so ferry operator Tallink asked Marine Software to integrate additional STA survey requirements into the existing planned maintenance database.

The company produced an additional module, incorporating the survey guide book, enabling existing planned maintenance jobs to be attached to survey items.

Planned maintenance activities proceed as normal throughout the year including all the STA linked items and then the system enables the operator to produce a status report for the STA review two weeks before the annual flag survey. In addition, when the STA is onboard for annual survey, the system can produce a report including the history of all jobs flagged as failures or unscheduled maintenance.

Marine Software says that the module is an example of how it can respond to customers’ evolving requirements and produce bespoke solutions to enhance existing products; in this case, according to the shipping company, the MSL STA module is the only PM system capable of producing the required range of reports.