Deltamarin design proves popular

Deltamarin has received a total of 103 orders of its B.Delta designs Deltamarin has received a total of 103 orders of its B.Delta designs
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Deltamarin’s B.Delta design is proving popular with ship owners world wide, with a total of 103 ordered so far.

Konstantinos Fakiolas, spokesperson for Deltamarin told The Motorship: "B.Deltas are popular because they combine unique features which were first introduced in the shipping market, such as low fuel consumption combined with high deadweight capacity and compact design with wide-beam shallow draft features."

The latest order is for eight open hatch B.Delta37 bulk carriers for Polish shipowner Polska Zeluga Morska PP (Polsteam).

Each 179.99m long vessel will have a cargo carrying capacity of 50,000m³ and a service speed of 14 knots. The model tested daily fuel oil consumption is expected to be 17.6 tonnes including 15% sea margin, ISO condition.

"The vessels' innovation lays on the hull optimisation techniques introduced coupled with patented propeller/rudder design, offering one of the best fuel performance, generated by a compact, low steel-weight ship having low shipbuilding cost. This maximizes the return on investment for any shipowner, especially within a period where freight rates are low and fuel prices are high," added Mr Fakiolas.

The vessels will be built at Yangfan Group shipyard over a period of around six months, a contract worth around €1m.

Currently Yangfan is building 21 B.Delta37 vessels, two for Tunisian owner Transbulk, 11 for Italian d’Amico and the latest eight for Polsteam.

Deltamarin says in addition, B.Delta designs have high flexibility for tailor-fit interventions, plus environmental sustainability, which make it "fit for any trade needs".

The company also has further contracts with several shipowners and yards for other sizes such as B.Delta25, B.Delta64, B.Delta82 and B.Delta210. A B.Delta43 version of the bulk carrier is also already under construction.


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