Sembcorp completes world’s largest SSCV, Sleipnir

Sleipnir, the world’s largest and strongest semi-submersible crane vessel built by Sembcorp Marine. Sleipnir, the world’s largest and strongest semi-submersible crane vessel built by Sembcorp Marine.

Sembcorp Marine announced that it had completed the world’s largest semi-submersible crane vessel (SSCV), Heerema’s ‘Sleipnir’, capable of lifting 20,000t at a time. The dual fuel vessel will undergo sea trials shortly, the Singapore shipyard announced.

The 220m long and 102m wide SSCV offers a 12,000m2 laydown area on the deck. The vessel features two 10,000-tonne revolving cranes which can lift loads of up to 20,000 tonnes in tandem. The vessel’s cranes will be capable of achieving a 129-metre lifting height.

The single-lift capacity will allow the vessel to handle larger integrated structures than previously possible, which offers a competitive advantage in the offshore wind segment, where wind turbine capacities, and consequently foundations, have increased markedly in recent years. Heerema has already secured contracts to deploy the vessel in various offshore energy developments, including: Leviathan topsides installation in the Mediterranean Sea; Tyra jackets and topsides installation and removal in the Danish North Sea; Brae B jackets and topsides removal in the UK North Sea; as well as transportation and installation of the Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) Alpha HVAC platform in the North Sea, off the Dutch coast.

The vessel’s dual-fuel power and propulsion system is as groundbreaking as the crane capacity. The vessel features a 96MW engine installation, featuring 12 x 12 MAN 8L51/60DF four-stroke engines and 12 MAN selective catalytic reduction systems. Despite the size of the vessel, it will have a 10 knot transit pace.

The vessel uses dynamic positioning capability: this is achieved by eight 5.5MW fixed pitch, fully azimuthing variable speed thrusters, powered by dual fuel four-stroke gensets. The DP3 capability is underpinned by Kongsberg positioning systems and separate engine rooms to give it DP3 redundancy.

The vessel’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) system is also highly innovative, featuring the world’s first vertical installation of a Type C LNG tank, which was fitted in an enclosed column. Overall, the low pressure fuel gas system featured eight vertical foam insulated tanks and four parallel fuel gas processing trains. The fuel gas supply system and the vertical Type C tanks were delivered by TGE Marine Gas Engineering.

Speaking at Sleipnir’s christening in Tuas Boulevard Yard, Pieter Heerema, Chairman of the Board at Heerema Marine Contractors, said: “I am immensely proud that Heerema Marine Contractors is again taking things further with the introduction of our new semi-submersible crane vessel. Sleipnir scores several firsts in the industry: It is the largest crane vessel yet built; it has the strongest pair of revolving cranes; and it’s also the world’s first crane vessel with dual-fuel engines running on MGO and LNG, dramatically reducing harmful emissions. Sleipnir’s innovative capabilities will place Heerema even firmer at the forefront of developments in the offshore oil, gas and wind energy industry for both installations and decommissioning.”

The vessel will leave for sea trials shortly and is scheduled for delivery to Heerema soon afterwards.


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