Corvus offers greater potential through Blue Whale

Corvus’ Blue Whale has been getting a lot of interest from the cruise and ferry market with units ready for delivery in 2021. Corvus’ Blue Whale has been getting a lot of interest from the cruise and ferry market with units ready for delivery in 2021.
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Corvus has launched its latest energy storage system (ESS) featuring a larger battery, the Corvus Blue Whale, that will cater for more power-hungry vessels like the cruise market, writes Samantha Fisk.

Corvus believes that its latest solution can cater for a wide range of vessel needs, including the cruise ship industry and those with long operation needs.

“The Corvus Blue Whale has been developed for larger applications” says Halvard Hauso, EVP sales and marketing, Corvus, “this will allow for cruise vessels to have zero emissions in port. Also, a new feature of fjord mode will mean that they will have zero emissions transiting the fjords.”

Corvus’ Blue Whale has been getting a lot of interest from the cruise and ferry market with units ready for delivery in 2021. The Blue Whale in comparison to its predecessor the Orca is nearly 60% lighter taking up less room in the engine room and also has lower operating costs.

The Blue Whale has been upgraded with the latest battery developments, such as a modular design and passive air-cooling, and features a low C or charge/discharge rate. As a result, it weighs 30% less per kWh and occupies 50% less space per kWh in volume terms than the Orca Energy.

Due to the power demand that the Blue Whale caters for, it is only being offered to the market for those large power demands, but Hauso highlights that: “a lot of Ropax vessels want to go where zero emissions regulations apply and this fits with the capabilities of the Blue Whale. Scale is coming with further reduction in weight and costs.”

Corvus believes that in the future the ferry market does hold a lot of potential for ESS, due to not only the regulation that is coming in to play, but also the operational profile of ferries lends itself more to battery technology. In Norway especially, as charters come up, often this will require new ferries to be constructed, which Corvus highlights will need to have an energy efficient solution onboard.

In the future Corvus is looking to further develop its range of energy storage solutions for the market as the technology itself develops. The company highlights that it looks to develop a range of batteries in the future that will cater for the majority of the shipping market that will be lighter and smaller and provide better savings for vessel operators.

NV-712 ZeeTUG

Corvus announced at the 2019 Nor-Shipping conference that it has supplied Turkish ship designer and builder Navtek with an ESS solution for its NV-712 ZeeTUG zero emissions tugboat design for owner Gisas. NV-712 Zeetug is making waves in the workboat market through its forward-thinking adoption of electric power. The tug is to operate in Istanbul harbour and was delivered earlier this year.

The latest all electric tug will have a 30tonne bollard pull and will be able to store enough charge to operate for a full day through the 1500KWh battery that Corvus will supply. NV-712 ZeeTUG is the first in a series of five vessels to be built for operation in the Istanbul harbour, which will see a renewal of the vessels currently servicing the harbour.

Navtek decided to opt for battery solutions for NV-712 ZeeTUG as: “We were thinking about renewing with hybrid but convinced the owner to go full electric as lithium-ion now has enough capacity,” explains Ferhat Acuner, general manager, Navtek. The vessel design and propulsion has undergone a year of testing to make sure that it will achieve the required results, he further adds. The costs of investing in greener technology also are comparable when you look at the savings that will be achieved for the vessel over its lifetime.

The Corvus ESS battery, with energy storage capacity of 1500KWh, will provide power for two Siemens propulsion motors driving conventional propulsion system through ABB thrusters and drive systems, integrated by Turkey’s BMA Technology.


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