Integrated navigation system meets latest IMO standards

The Synapsis INS is claimed to be the first such system to comply with IMO Performance Standards The Synapsis INS is claimed to be the first such system to comply with IMO Performance Standards
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German manufacturer Raytheon Anschütz has upgraded its Synapsis integrated bridge family with regard to network structure and integration capability.

A new processor including solid state hard drive technology and which needs no cooling fan is now standard on all bridge workstations. This, says the company, contributes to simplified logistics, better lifetime performance and lower cost. This, together with the new NautoPlex data collector module, is at the core of the new Synapsis NX network infrastructure, claimed to set new standards in simplicity, flexibility and scalability of bridge navigation systems.

Improvements have been incorporated in data handling, bridge alarm management and target management. The new target management system associates targets from individual sensors to create system-level targets, which are centrally evaluated and further processed throughout the network. Target-related alerts are based on system-level targets to aid immediate and clear situational assessment and to simplify acknowledgement from any task related display. The company says this helps the user to identify radar and AIS targets more quickly. Further improvements have also been made to central user settings, which permit standard settings for manoeuvring situations such as docking, harbour or open sea.

The company says that these improvements are in response to the increasing complexity of shipboard integration, typically required on ships with extended safety requirements such as tankers or passenger ships, or those operating under harsh environmental conditions in sensitive surroundings such as offshore ships and PSVs. The enhanced capabilities are designed to provide navigators with advanced functions and simplified, harmonised operation to ensure highest operational safety. Synapsis is designed to be scalable for a range of ship types and sizes.

To accompany the new generation consoles, and the updated Raytheon Anschütz Synapsis radar, the company has launched a new NautoScan NX radar transceiver, employing digital network technology to generate low-loss raw radar video instead of using conventional analogue data transmission. The radar transceiver is connected to the navigation console via an Ethernet interface instead of expensive and complex special cables. The company claims that this brings the benefits of providing high-quality raw data while offering greater flexibility in processing the radar signals.

An unlimited number of workstations and applications can be linked to the network to receive the radar video. A star-based network approach is said to offer highest scalability and flexibility for a wide range of applications and requirements without need for special cabling or conversion hardware. NautoScan NX is claimed to not only offer improvements in performance and reliability, but also reduce the need for maintenance, with increased MTBF and lower service costs. The unit is mounted on a completely redesigned pedestal, with a new electronics package and a maintenance-free gear box. New functions include built-in test, automated performance monitoring and magnetron sleep mode.

Another spin-off from the enhanced integration capabilities of the latest Synapsis system is that new applications can easily be incorporated. One of these is Synapsis ShipGuard, aiming to provide maritime situational awareness and protection for a variety of vessels.  It is a derivative of the Raytheon Anschütz surveillance system, which now has the capabiclity for complete integration into the Synapsis system architecture, using the existing navigation systems such as AIS and radar together with a suite of surveillance cameras. ShipGuard thus offers the crew a means for early detection and identification of approaching contacts, classification and alarm zone monitoring on what is said to be a cost-efficient, commercial basis. The company says that ShipGuard can be used to increase safety on offshore vessels operating around oil and gas platforms and wind farms as well as the more obvious security applications.

The new Synapsis NX multifunctional workstations are claimed to integrate all navigational data, tasks and services to enable users full data control with only a single action. The company says that Synapsis is the first integrated navigation system to comply with IMO performance standard MSC.252(83) and IEC 61924-2. It adds that over 100 Synapsis systems have been contracted, with more than half already in operation.

The latest Synapsis NX version is already attracting orders, with one of the first deliveries being for two new 50,000 dwt chemical/product tankers, contracted by Spanish shipowner Marflet Marine from the Croatian 3.Maj yard. The scope of supply includes four Synapsis multifunctional workstations, new NautoScan NX network radar transceivers, a NautoSteer AS steering control system including NP 5000 autopilot system as well as a complete sensor system and radio equipment. Other systems are being supplied container ships, mega yachts and offshore vessels.


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