Oshima buys first low-pressure EGR from J-Eng

J-Eng has received an order for its new EGR from Oshima Photo: J-Eng J-Eng has received an order for its new EGR from Oshima Photo: J-Eng

Japan Engine Corporation (J-Eng) has received the first order for its new engine from Oshima Shipbuilding for a 99,000dwt bulk carrier to be operated by Nippon Yusen Kaisha.

The 7UEC60LSE-Eco-A2-EGR is said to be the first two stroke marine diesel engine to use J-Eng’s Low Pressure EGR System (LP-EGR) developed to comply with International Maritime Organisation NOx Tier III regulations.

Completing onboard verification in April 2017, LP-EGR uses low pressure exhaust gas from the turbocharger outlet and is claimed to significantly reduce NOx from the present Tier II regulation levels while minimising the increase in fuel oil consumption.

The new system also has no waste water drainage from the water treatment system, which may be of benefit if restricted water drainage areas in North America and Europe are expanded.

During Tier II operation, the LP-EGR can reduce the exhaust gas recirculation ratio improving both fuel oil consumption and reduce NOx emissions. The technology can be used by other engine manufacturers helping them to meet the standard for Tier III technology.


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