The Norwegian Maritime Authority has approved Plan B Energy Storage’s (PBES) lithium-ion batteries for use in electric and hybrid vessels in Norway.

The authority accepted propagation tests held at PBES’s facility in Trondheim on 17 June, when attempts to force overcharge the batteries into thermal runaway were prevented by the company’s proprietary safety systems, including CellCool cooling and E-Vent ventilation.

The Norwegian Maritime Authority is the administrative and supervisory authority in matters related to safety of life, health, material values and the environment on vessels flying the Norwegian flag and foreign ships in Norwegian waters. The NMA is also responsible for ensuring the legal protection of Norwegian registered ships and registered rights in those ships.

“Norwegian Maritime Authority approval is the most important validation PBES could receive,” said Brent Perry, chief executive of PBES. “The recognition by an organisation like NMA shows the world that the safe deployment of lithium energy storage is no longer a goal, it is here today.”

PBES batteries are to be deployed on several projects throughout Norway and the rest of Scandinavia. Notable projects include the innovative tourist ferry Vision of the Fjords and the Scandlines ferry duo Tyco Brahe and Aurora, which will be the first vessels to feature robotic shore charging.