Explosion safety for dual-fuel and LNG engines

Q-Rohr DFE – protection solution for Dual-Fuel Engines
In case of an explosion, the integrated explosion vent opens and Q-Rohr DFEs stainless steel mesh filter absorbs the heat of the explosion

Flameless venting technology protects the exhaust system of the ship engine

The Q-Rohr DFE from the German manufacturer REMBE GmbH Safety & Control, explosion safety expert, is an explosion safety system specially designed for LNG- and dual-fuel engines.

Gas-powered engines and the connected exhaust system carry a major risk of explosion. This may be caused, among other things, by possible misfiring or not starting of the engine whereby a combustible gas-oxygen mix may reach the exhaust system. Sources of ignition mostly include hot surfaces on the engine side or from SCR-catalyst. When an explosive gas /air mixture meets with a source of ignition, there is the risk that an explosion generates where pressure and flames will spread very quickly within the pipeline sections, thus usually causing damage or even uncontrolled destruction of weak structures like expansion bellows, SCR-catalyst or boilers. This risk can lead to loss of manoeuvrability, devastating injuries and maritime distress.

The Q-Rohr DFE is installed on the exhaust system of an engine. If an explosion occurs, the stainless steel mesh filter of the Q-Rohr DFE absorbs pressure and flames of the explosion. Plants and personnel in the engine room are optimally protected.

Important for ship operators: After an incident, the explosion vent panel in the Q-Rohr DFE can simply be replaced and operation can be resumed.

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