Total Lubmarine’s cylinder oil TALUSIA UNIVERSAL (57 BN, SAE 50) has received a revised No Objection Letter (NOL) from Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD). The revision adds DF Validation for WinGD''s range of dual-fuel engines and confirms the validation across WinGD’s entire range of engines.

TALUSIA UNIVERSAL has received a revised NOL from WinGD

TALUSIA UNIVERSAL has received a revised NOL from WinGD

The NOL, which is valid for two years, was awarded following the successful completion of extensive field tests comprising more than 8,000 hours - including 4,000 hours performed onboard a vessel with a 6X62DF engine burning LNG.

The DF validation adds to the existing TALUSIA UNIVERSAL NOL, issued on 3 March 2020, for use in WinGD X, WinGD X-DF, WinGD RT-flex, WinGD RT-flex-DF, Wärtsilä RTA, Wärtsilä RT-flex and Wärtsilä X engines, as well as in Sulzer 2-stroke engines operating on fuels with a sulphur content in the range of 0.00

WinGD’s latest NOL for TALUSIA UNIVERSAL means the cylinder oil is seamlessly compatible and proven for any IMO 2020 compliant fuel, including LSFO, VLSFO, ULSFO and LNG.

TALUSIA UNIVERSAL BN 57 offers excellent performance with a unique chemistry that ensures optimum engine cleanliness and efficient acid neutralization that perfectly maintains the ring pack status and minimizes cylinder wear. It extends the operational efficiency of ships’ engines offering long-term OPEX advantages.

“Choosing TALUSIA UNIVERSAL will deliver efficiencies in engine performance to meet with today’s IMO operating parameters and new fuel choices,” says Serge Dal Farra, Global Marketing Manager from Total Lubmarine.

TALUSIA UNIVERSAL single oil solution makes the onboard operation, supply and management of lubricant easier as operators and engineers no longer need to match different BN lubricants to different fuel types, avoiding complex BN management and CLO switching.

Nikolaos Kotakis, Technical Director at Total Lubmarine, says: “We consider this approval by WinGD as a great recognition of the product’s outstanding performance and compatibility across today’s widest range of fuel options. It is the reward of our long efforts in the continuous improvement of a single cylinder oil that can now be used continuously with all 2020 compliant fuels. It is proven to provide additional safety margins compared to BN40 CLO, and achieves substantial feed-rate reductions compared to other current generation cylinder oils when based on visual inspection and drain oil analysis.”

This new NOL from WinGD for TALUSIA UNIVERSAL follows the previously awarded NOLs earlier in the year by WinGD and MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES). Total Lubmarine noted field tests were successfully completed on several MAN B&W engines, including 10K98MC-C6, 12K98MC-C6, 12K98ME-C7 and 6S70ME-C7 engines.

TALUSIA UNIVERSAL is available in all Total Lubmarine’s global port locations.